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License applied in Design


  • Craft creation

General overview on the ambitions of the creation of this route of education 

Route: with this education, the student will professionally know how to manage, within a company and/or in his own account, a project of design of a craft product

Domain of Training: creation of the products of small business sector


  • Design Jewels:

This education trains professionals specialized in the design of products bound to the finery and to the equipment of the person. The education allies the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge of materials to the learning of the process of conception in design and methodology of the project.



The compulsory and/or fundamental Credits and their objectives:

The workshop of Methodology of the design allows the student it can manage a project of design in its various forms.


The optional units and their objectives:

The education of the Techniques of Representation aims at improving the experiences regarding representation and at endowing the student of bigger capacities of expression

As for the Computing, it is an inescapable(major) tool in the normative representation of the plans, which is necessary for the elaboration of the project.



Licence applied in arts plastics:


  • Textile 
  • Ceramic
  • Sculpture
  • Photography